Sem 8 memories

Semester 8~~~~
the last semester like finallyyyyyyyyy :DDDD

This semester was full of fyp fyp and fyp 😂
dying of the samples :'(

preparing semen extender

practice to jerk the fish off to get the semen 🙈

analyzing sample~ (with breakfast at the side)

fyp poster presentation

why the height difference so cute one?


Only three subjects taken for last semester:

the super boring Agricultural Communication course.
nothing much memory left for this class
oh... at least i did public speaking again because of this class...

and went to a radio broadcasting station for the first time
rtm terengganu~


Animal Behaviour and Welfare

get the chance to visit zoo negara thanks to this course

process of preparing enrichment

the second last paper for the semester


Veterinary Practice

To be honest this was the most lehceh course throughout the semester...
but it was fun, seriously~

a little heart warming chocolate snack during a sleepy afternoon lecture :)

the fun rotational practice with Dr Faizal
the fun part was never getting a free lunch of course

pathology with Dr Mariam

the super ganjiong practical test for this subject

the last presentation in uni life

last paper for degree life...

oh and something extra from Dr Faizal

a special treat from him ❤


 These are some random memories in the last semester:

During mid semester break where half of our gang left home...
we were invited to a junior's rent house for bbq~~

it was super nice

with LOTS of food

and so much fun

and some other random memories

the last animal science dinner with us

le me and the juniors
liking the black ribbon because someone says he gonna poke at it

some other memories with my classmates...

satay treat by bus drivers

I'll never forget the crazy night with the whole class spending time at bukit keluang beach just to discuss on the farewell stuffs

so this is the farewell party with the lecturers

first outing with the whole class~

group photo at la hot spring~


and here's a picture of my degree baby born 😁


and lastly...

a feeling that I don't want to forget 🙈