Intern life at Farm In The CIty, Seri Kembangan

***This post is about my internship life in Farm In The City***

Thanks to my weird course structure, I was given a chance to work as an intern for about 6 weeks.
I was placed under the sales and marketing department even though I am taking animal science.
My job there are more on serving the customers/visitors.

I worked as an educator as well.
I was there to guide a group of students from different education centre, explaining the details and information/fun facts about the animals available in Farm In The City.

Here's a photo of me during working time x)
"Hi everyone, I'm your tour guide today and I will guide you all throughout the the farm."
says me with a hailer to a group of students, usually.
and yea~ I will guide you through the farm from my blog now, hehe

The first station once you entered the farm is a turtle & tortoise farm~
This is a place where you will be provided vegetables to feed the tortoises.
Aldabra is the second largest tortoise species in the world~ 
It can live up to 150 years old and this female tortoise beside me is around 30+ years old~
She's friendly and I love petting her :)))

The major difference between a tortoise and a turtle is that tortoises live on land while turtles live in the water(most of the time). So don't get confused with the Chinese character that says tortoise is only 乌龟 while turtles are called 海龟... I think the terms should be 陆龟and水龟 xDDDD

Okay, nevermind~ here's a photo of a turtle~
the Malayan giant river turtle is the largest species of fresh water turtle in Southeast Asia~

The second station would be Reptile Caven~
where snakes and other reptiles are available here~

The most impressive part is the giant reticulated python~
If you are wondering how big is the python is, here's a picture of my coursemate with it :3

Since I am working in the farm, here are some precious experiences during my working time.
I fed the dwarf caiman in its captive, which is impossible for me to do so if I'm a visitor.
I was so afraid that I might lose my hand while I was taking the photo, lol

Here's a photo of me handling a venomous mangrove snake.
It was a great experience to come this close to dangerous animals. 

The third station is called Bird Aviary~
There are about 30 species of birds in bird aviary~
they are not caged up in small cages so they can move freely within that area~

The best part in bird aviary is that, you can feed the birds~
which is the part my lecturer enjoyed the most~
the pretty handsome peacock in bird aviary~

Okay, shame on me
The main topic of the internship is about ruminants...
yet it is the most left out part for me...
I did not take any photos of the goat/deer/cow like my internship topic required. LOL

ermmm... but I've got a psedo-ruminant here, pony! xD

There are pony rides available for children below 11 years old~
Since pony is a small horse, adults are not allowed to ride on it.
I've got the chance to bully the pony go for a pony ride while working as a staff there.
Please don't be misunderstood that, I'm neither a child below 11 nor bullying the pony.
I'm actually aiding in training the pony since my body weight is ideal for it to carry :)

I was also given a chance to feed the pelicans as the prerogative as a staff :D
I feel like I'm more like a special visitor than a staff here... xD

Visitors can feed the friendly animals like the cute rabbits and guinea pigs~
veges will be provided for free~~
You can feed the marmoset as well in Jungle Walk station~
Feeding the marmoset will be a bit difficult for the visitors sometimes...
 it has small body size and thus it gets full easily~

Exhibition hall is one my favourite stations in Farm In The City...
where I took lots of narcissistic photos here XDDD

the touch-able blue tongue lizard~
touch-able brown skunk with sleepy innocent look, lol
le me with a cute White's tree frog~
I feel like Boa Hancock in this photo with the head of the ball python posed like this xD
the super cute fatty prairie dog~
touch-able raccoons outside the exhibition hall~

the "shy-in-the-morning" fennec fox~
(coz they are always hiding somewhere in the morning)

the "so-happened-to-be-sleepy" meerkats while I was taking the photo~
(they are active most of the time)

This photo was taken in front of the souvenir shop after my coursemate and I guided our lecturer throughout the farm. He said he's impressed with the experiences in the farm ^^

Here's some photos of my dear colleagues 
this photo was taken while they were busy preparing decoration for Raya celebration.

Some photos taken on the last day of our working day~

This was the last photo taken with the colleagues in the office of Farm In The City. They treated me and my coursemate a delicious Japanese meal for our dinner. I would like to say, my coursemate and I are so blessed to meet them. The colleagues are nice and helpful, even superiors are very friendly and nice. Thank you so much for guiding us throughout the whole internship. 

Now I've jotted down the precious memories I don't want to lose, how about you? :)


  1. Thank you for the sharing, it was totally an informative and interesting post, I have so much fun going through your post. Actually I'm also an animal science student, to be more specific; a husbandary science student at UMK. I was also interested to do my internship there so I was like looking all over the net for any experiences story and review then I found yours :D If u dont mind, may I ask how did you apply for the internship there and what are the procedures? Thanks again. cant wait to hear from you! :DD

    1. Hi there Zatusy :) I am glad that you enjoyed the post ^^
      Sorry for the late reply, here's how I applied the internship.
      I called to the number 03-89412099(which you can get in Google) to ask if they accept interns and they said yes. So they gave me an e-mail address and asked me to send my resume and formal letter from my university (if any) to the e-mail address. The admins are quite efficient, so I think you can get your e-mail replied within two/three days. Hope this helps :D